Monday, March 9, 2015


meet KELLY O'HARE! at least my lil version of her. ive been moving into a new place (took longer than expected) and still not quite ready to post up new stuff. but i promised this. so here she is.

get your kelly at for free (and lots of other stuff too)

i did make some minor changes to this. tried to make her a bit easier to cut out. specially in the hair. theres a lot of 'fold, glue, trim' here. but some of that is optional. like ears and arms. im really happy with how she turned out. and plan to make more soon. this is based on my buddy josh quagmire's work. he has lots of and lots of fun characters that would make great lil paper toys.

i also plan to make more 'kellys' with different outfits.

happy modeling!

kelly o'hare is a copyrighted property of josh quagmire. used by permission.

Monday, January 19, 2015


i have just finished my LOST IN SPACE ROBOT!

i very proud of this model. this is my first 'from scratch' effort. all my own template. art. the whole thing.

its a little simple (tho does have some small fiddly bits) but really happy with how it turned out.

i hope you enjoy it and share it with your other LIS fans!

the smaller one is my first 'test build' and stands about 3.5"
 i made the second one a bit bigger as my hands arent as steady as they once were.

download the png file here

ROBOT B9 PAPERTOY    thanks and happy folding!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

just finished! 'duey' from the movie 'silent running'

my favorite trio of robots in movie-dom.

i just finished duey and thought i would post him up with a link of where to get him (and other great stuff.)

its a japanese site so be sure to translate.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

a sneek peek

heres a little preview of something im working on. this is my first try at a 'from scratch' papertoy. my own pattern and art.

it needs a bit of tweeking, but will soon be ready to go!

wish me luck!

october 16, 1997

remember that fateful day?

another missed date in the history of the future....

visit the irwin allen news network for all kinds of fun stuff...

and while im at it...

a nice lil poem to help you sleep at night...

a FREE calender pic!

okay. i know january is half done. but i wanted to post this up.

 you can find this pic for your wallpaper in various sizes plus lots more nutty stuff at my buddy JOSH QUAGMIRE's site...

josh is a legendary 'indie' comics creator who has delighted litteraly dozens of people over the years.

just kidding. he's a great guy, an awesome writer/artist, and gives away lots of his stuff like this and updating calenders (and the whole cal. archives) so stop by see what he's up to.

be sure to check out his (semi) regularly updating online comic  bunz and katz 'fun, destruction, stoopidity'  and drop him a friendly hello.


one of my best selling tees.

this design is available on tons of other items too!

parody. fair use applies.

get yours today at

the tomorrow-yesterday store

my first papertoy

figured id put up a pic of the one that started it all for me.

he's a lil rough and i used a bit too much glue so he wrinkled up a bit but i like it. i got this from

GUS SANTOME's blog. lots of fun lil characters perfect for a beginner like me.

just for fun...

i did this over a weekend jus for kicks...

i miss those rockets with smoke rising and the sparks falling.

if you like this, you can buy prints of this (and lots more) at my store...


TOMORROW YESTERDAY a store dedicated to the futures of the past


final tweeks are done and i just finished a test build that im really happy with.

you get TWO bot-buddies on the sheet and i hope to have more soon.

this is GAR, you also get WHA, he's red but i didnt get him done yet.

get yours here!


happy papering!


here's somethin simple and fun. i have a lil cast of characters i call 'punicorns' and i made these for a friend to give to her daughter.

three sheets (png) at the link below.

hope ya like em!





hello all!

this is my first post, i hope to do more.

i recently discovered the world of PAPER CRAFTS and have been having a great time putting stuff together.
some of my efforts including a few of my own design in testing stage.

i am a published artist with several of my paintings featured on HBO. tho recently my health has gone down a bit and my hands are no longer as steady as they were.

i found that paper toys is good therapy, and lots of fun!

i am currently trying my own papertoy designs and will post them as they are done and test-built.

 my mini scale 'cliff house' from

some of my favorite paper sites...

happy folding!